Tweaking the Hippie

Well kids, first we must thank you—thank you for your support, your wonderful, overwhelming support. You all have been complimenting the food and the service and the selection so graciously, it makes our cheeks all rosy. And it makes us think of this place we used to work at—a truly amazing restaurant (which will remain nameless). This place is special in many ways: it is award winning, it is cutting edge without being fancy, and most importantly, it is loved by the community, its owners and its employees. To dine at or to work at this place…heck, to park cars across the street…is an honor. But the chef (dude was also the owner) took a nearly antagonistic approach to compliments. If you gave this guy an award, say, “Best Burger in Town,” he would be PISSED. First of all, because you singled out one dish on a fantastic menu, all he was going to do for the next three months was flip f*%#ing burgers (which he was decidedly NOT excited about). But secondly, it was somehow an affront to his talents. If you say, “His is the best burger in town,” he says, “Bullshit! I can make a way better burger than that.” And he would. The ink wouldn’t be dry on the article and he would be bitching at the meat guy wondering why he couldn’t get duck fat into the grind. It was amazing. And inspiring. So now that everyone is really enjoying the food, it is time to make some changes: Hippie! Get in here you good little hippie, you are getting a rework. Keep the cheese, keep the smoked carrots, drop the arugula, sub radicchio, and let’s give you a slathering of cherry pistachio chutney. All that moist chutney is going to make you messy for sure, but the cumin involved is going to amp up the meaty savoriness and really give our vegetarian buddies something to crave. So, keep coming back in the cold months ahead, because we are going to reward you by getting better. Always.


Source: Old H+F Blog

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