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We have never been too much into science fiction, not for any particular reason, just not necessarily our thing. But Robert Heinlein? He is a different story. He reminds us of Twain, someone who can write a truly engaging adventure, a thoroughly enjoyable romp, but then stab you in the back with such whitely pointed and direct social commentary. So in honor of the Heinlein we quoted 2.22.14, here is our list: tactfully deal with dumbshits, drive well in the snow, cook kids chicken on a stick, unclog toilets, take apart refrigerators, learn on the fly how to get the gritty shit out of the bottom of a deep fryer, juggle type A personalities, actually juggle, stroke egos, clip wings, make a “pickle back,” laugh, DJ, be angry for effect, not be too angry, do boring paperwork, be creative, not be too creative, break up a fistfight, remember orders, smile when folks want to special prep menu items, herd cats, be punitive, have tact, remove snow and ice, count kegs, hound distributors, remain critically minded, notice the details of a place in which you spend every waking hour, talk to everyone, appear tired but not exhausted, maintain the illusion of control, drink, eat, smoke, break away from a conversation, fight fires, plug holes, redirect flood waters, relax, change a keg, paint a ceiling, write blog posts… leave the rest for the insects.


Source: Old H+F Blog

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