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Crooked Stave beers

Good god, have we been waiting for this day: the day the Crooked Stave came in. We discovered these beers while working in New York, and we were very excited to find a distributor willing to change their route every two weeks to bring them to us. And then they were OOS (out of stock) for tree months. Finally, we had to call the reps from their parent distributor, and twist a few arms, and exploit a few friendships, and generally piss people off by going over their heads, but now they are ours. Or yours, depending on how you look at it. Out of Denver, Colorado, Crooked Stave ferments beers in these giant oak barrels called foeders. Generally, brewers like stainless steel because it can be rendered sterile and then they can have their way with the the beers’ every aspect. At Crooked Stave, the foeders represent the exact opposite of that–they soak up all sorts of yeasts and bacterias, which then inoculate the next batch they brew so that all of that microbial terror is present and yummy. We are carrying their Brettanomyces (earthy yeast strain, all sour and barnyardy) Saison called Vielle. And then two citrus wild beers called St. Brettas. They are labeled by the seasons.  This doesn’t mean they are meant to be consumed in that season necessarily, just that they were made with the best of that season’s citrus. So, Summer is made with Tango Mandarins, and Autumn with Navel Oranges. All of these bottles are really spectacular and hopefully you all will find them worth the wait. We did.


Source: Old H+F Blog

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