Naked Barstool

If you are picking up what we are setting down and getting as excited as we are, then check out to become a bona fide backer of Hand + Foot. Backing ranges from $15 – $1000 and there are packages available for every fella in the fold. For $15 you can get a free drink. (The teetotalers at Kickstarter make us call it a “beverage,” but let us assure you, that means we’ll give you the tasty libation of your choosing!) If you feel like ballin’ out, you can claim one of these here fancy stools. For backing us at the $250 level, we will spray-paint your initials on it. And yes, you could probably just go to and buy yourself one, and sure you probably have access to spray-paint. But then you would have to use it at your house and we all know the whiskey is better at ours.

Source: Old H+F Blog

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