French Fries, Etc.

French Toast Bread Frying

We have gotten numerous requests for French fries, and numerous inquiries (some nicer than others) into our chips of choice. So perhaps a little explanation is in order. We strive to serve the absolute best of everything we can get our hands on. And we find Ruffles to be the most satisfying damn chips on the market. We aren’t copping out, we just f**king love them–so salty and savory and crunchy–they are our desert island chips. And as far as French fries go, they are simply too involved to make from fresh ingredients at a high volume, which leaves us with various unsavory frozen options. Yuck. So we hope today’s photo will serve as some sort of consolation, for those of you who want something French and Fried. We fry the the French Toast.


Source: Old H+F Blog

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