Barolo Chinato

Let’s talk. This is something no one is drinking, and everyone should be. Holy shit! This is some good juice. Barolo Chinato. Technically vermouth (aromatized and fortified wine), but like no other. The base wine is Nebbiolo from Barolo—Nebbiolo from Barolo made by one of our favorite producers, Roagna. Chinato is expensive but worth it on every level. The minerality is crisp and clear. It offers up sweetness, but is artfully balanced with mushroomy umami elements. Like a roll in the hayloft, it does not disappoint. The use of botanicals introduces bark, spice, marijuana, and wormwood notes to the palate. The finish is extensive and shows medicinal tannins and quinine for days! This wine was traditionally gifted as a sign of hospitality, so it seems only fitting to invite you in to experience both our hospitality and our Chinato (we will give you the hospitality, the Chinato you have to pay for…) whenever you next find yourself in the neighborhood.


Source: Old H+F Blog

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